Men’s Life Group

A support group designed to be a source of spiritual and emotional strength for all men as they develop as fathers, husbands and men of God. Men's LIFE classes foster an environment of openness, truth, and fidelity. Biblical principles from the Word of God are imparted, equipping men with the tools they need to live empowered lives.

Women’s Life Group

An organization that promotes family and wholesome values.  Women's LIFE provides a place for women to form friendships, partnerships, and professional and personal coalitions.

Weekly Bible Study

Weekly bible study designed to help individuals become more skilled in God’s word.

Our Kids

Next Generation is where children find fun and God all in the same place. They learn the Word of God in a manner that is exciting. We teach them concepts that will stimulate their minds to grow in faith. Next Generation serves children from the ages of 2 to 12. Each week the children are given the necessary tools to increase their understanding about God and prepare them to develop their own individual relationship with Him.